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Natural Spa Rituals Packages – Perfect as a Gift!

Treat yourself or loved one to a great Ritual Gift. This combination of different spa treatments, aromatic oils, the delicate scent of candles, and healing hands of an experienced therapist will give you total body and mind rejuvenation.

Head to Toe Ritual

Experience total body rejuvenation. Start with a European hair treatment followed by a deeply refining body scrub for soft and silky skin and an anti-aging body mask. Then enjoy a vitamin C serum and collagen facial mask and finish with a hair wash and styling for a completely refreshed feeling.
3 hours 30 min

Caviar of Switzerland Ritual

A very luxurious, age-defying ritual perfect for an anniversary celebration or a gift for a second-time bride. Start with extraordinary skin care with a Cleopatra Whey Bath followed by European Aroma Massage. Finish with a Caviar of Switzerland Facial to feel extra special.
3 hours

Beautiful Me Ritual

Feel even more beautiful after a Signature Facial and a European dry brush body exfoliation followed by a Body Shaping Mask.
2 hours

Total Hydration Ritual

If you are starting to notice a few wrinkles on your face or body, this is the perfect ritual for you! Sea salt and a gently scented aromatic oil body scrub will prepare your skin for a warm remineralizing Seaweed Body Wrap. After facial exfoliation, end with a relaxing facial massage and a beautifying collagen mask.
2 hours

Gentleman Rejuvenation

Relax with a Signature Massage with peaceful music, the gentle scent of candles and the experienced healing touch of a therapist to take you to deeper mind relaxation. A gentleman’s’ hot towel facial treatment will help you look more youthful and glowing. A hand massage will finish this revival time.
Approx. 2 hours

For Bride Ritual

With the inevitable stress that comes with the arrival of your special day, this ritual is exactly what you need. Start with Soft and Silky Body Scrub followed by Cleopatra Whey Bath and Relaxation Massage to relax your whole body and mind. A Signature Facial will smooth wrinkles on your face and give your skin a fresh glow. You will be relaxed and rejuvenated – ready to deal with anything!
Approx. 3.5 hours

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